The Promise: God's Everlasting Covenant

April, May, June 2021

Want to learn more about The Promise: God's Everlasting Covenant? Use these Bible Studies for personal devotion, group Bible studies, or teaching a church class. Below are links to the lessons in this 3-part series.

Lesson 1: What Happened? (Genesis 1-3)
Humans enter into contracts with each other all the time to get things they want. Have you thought about whether you entered into a contract with God? What contracts, what promises, have we exchanged with Him? Let's dive into our study this week to begin our study of the topic, "The Promise."

Lesson 2: Covenant Primer (Genesis 6&12, Exodus 3&6, Deuteronomy 4&6, Jeremiah 31)
Samples. People offer me samples all the time. Courts provide sample documents. Car dealers give you a sample ride. They tempt me with samples in stores. Why do merchants give out samples? They hope to draw me in to buy their product. Courts give samples to help lawyers do their job better. Our lesson this week is also about samples. We are going to sample four contracts between God and man. Let's jump into our lesson and see if this encourages us to study these promises in more depth later this quarter!

Lesson 3: “All Future Generations” (Genesis 4, 6 & 9)
After Adam and Eve sinned, the course of humanity took a real downward spiral. This week we look at two sides of God's reaction to sin. The one side is judgment, the other side is the blessings of a special, protective relationship for those who reject sin. Let's dive into our lesson to learn about Noah's special relationship with God.

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