Ezra and Nehemiah

October, November, December 2019

Want to learn more about Ezra and Nehemiah? Use these Bible Studies for personal devotion, group Bible studies, or teaching a church class. Below are links to the lessons in this 4-part series.

Lesson 1: Making Sense of History: Zerubbabel and Ezra (Jeremiah 25, Daniel 9, Ezra 4 & 7)
Imagine being a citizen of Jerusalem when Babylon captures your city and destroys the temple constructed by King David and King Solomon. Could there be anything worse? Yes, actually. What is worse is that in Jeremiah 25:11 God tells His people that the "whole country will become a desolate wasteland, and these nations will serve the King of Babylon seventy years." Guess where you will die? In captivity in a foreign land. What lessons can we learn from this difficult time? Let's explore the Bible and see what we can learn!

Lesson 2: Nehemiah (Nehemiah 1 & 2)
Are you facing a challenge? Is there something in your life that needs to be changed or fixed? Our study today recounts Nehemiah receiving bad news, turning to God for help, and then intelligently working with God every step of the way to fix the problem. Let's jump into our study of the Bible and learn practical lessons for every day living!

Lesson 3: God's Call (Daniel 9, Nehemiah 1, Romans 9)
Has God called you? Has He called you to a particular task? I think He has. How can we know if we are called? How can we know if we missed our call? Is there another call if we missed earlier calls? I believe that God calls each one of us to serve Him in some special way. Our study this week is about the calling of God. Let's plunge into our study of the Bible and learn more!

Lesson 4: Facing Opposition (Ezra 4 & 5, 2 Kings 17:24, Nehemiah 4 & 6)
If you read books you know that some authors do not tell the story using one continuous time line. They like to jump around. Frankly, I prefer the simple over the complex, so I prefer one continuous time line. Our study this week covers Ezra 3-6, among other texts, but Ezra is one of those writers who prefers the complex. He does not tell his story in chronological order, but rather by topic. More confusing is that some of the events we have studied in the last few weeks are in the future of our story, and some we are studying today we have already considered. Let's see what we can learn about facing opposition without getting confused about the timing!

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